Reviews from our May finalists

Miss UniTrader
At first I want to express my gratitude to the organizers of the contest for the chance and as well to all those who voted, trade for me. I am very pleased to participate and receive the title «Miss May».
To tell the truth, I don’t remember how I found out about Miss UniTrader Contest or who invited me. Remembered about it only when I got the letter to my e-mail from Ksenia Rusanova that I entered the Top-10 girls.
I went to the site and watched a video, read girls’ reviews and decided to try. At first it was hard and I didn’t understand, but over time started to turn out.
Till the last, I did not believe that money will come to the account. But after sending my data in a few days I got my prize - $ 1,000.
Thank you again to UniTrader EAD for unforgettable moments and a lot of positive emotions!
I wish to all participants good luck in this wonderful contest!!!

Miss UniTrader
My participation in the contest started with the fact that on one forum I saw an ad from a girl that asking to vote for her in a beauty contest. We girls are solidarity in these matters, so I decided to devote one minute of my time and give a support to the stranger. Followed the link to the Miss UniTrader website, I got an interest in the contest, I read the conditions and decided also to try myself in it. It was in the last week of the month, because of this I didn’t get the first place. But the second place is good too. Thanks to everyone who voted for me and to organizers for their excellent project and idea!

Miss UniTrader I saw in the social networks on girls’ pages from my small town information about Miss UniTrader Contest and about how they won. I got an interest about contest. Everything was very simple and affordable for me. This is international competition, but everyone can participate in it without leaving own home, and it was very important to me as a young mother. To participate in contest you only need to have a professional photos and a basic knowledge of English. Then it all even easier. Friends and my husband supported me. They were trading on the UniTrader platform for me. Trading is not only free, but also very interesting. As a result I took the 3rd place and received a cash prize that is important!
Thanks to organizers for this opportunity!