Reviews from our June finalists

Miss UniTraderI’m happy that I got a chance to take part in Miss UniTrader Contest and we can see not in vain! It’s not easy to win first place and thanks to Olga Malik that she kept me in voltage till the last minute of competition. Idea of the contest is very interesting, rules are easy to understand, contest stimulate to new victories. I have already become an IB and registered my first trader. Thanks for support to my friends, Ksenia Rusanova and to all staff UniTrader EAD!

Miss UniTraderHello everyone! I participate in Contest in the 2nd time. For first time I got title «First Vice-Miss UniTrader Photogenic Of February», which for me was a huge surprise, since I do not remember how I sent my data for this traders competition. Today I have already got a second title in the Miss UniTrader - 2014 – «First Vice-Miss UniTrader Photogenic Of June». I am very grateful to my friends and complete strangers, who helped me to take the second place in this exciting competition. Thanks to girls, healthy competition always keeps in tone. My emotions and happiness has no limit. So, girls take part in the Miss UniTrader Contest, show yourselves, and show your strength. Good luck and victory!

Miss UniTraderIt’s my first time when I take part in beauty contest. Registration in Miss UniTrader contest is easy. It does not take much time, plus the fact that you can add any pictures. I’m happy to won the third place, I wish all future participants to achieve their goals!