Reviews from our April finalists

Miss UniTraderTaking part in the contest «Miss UnitTader-2014» at first I learnt about trading. As it turns out it's pretty simple, and in that way you can earn real money, the most simple knowledge of trade and convenient platform will help you. I express my deep gratitude to the company and to the organizers for such interesting contest, and for the help that you provided to me. I was incredibly pleased to participate and get the title «Miss April». Thanks to everyone who helped me to win and of course thanks to participants for giving me a healthy competition.  I wish good luck to all participants and victory, you are the winner, if you involved in such large-scale competition as «Miss UniTrader-2014». 

Miss UniTraderAs a beginner model, read through website «The contest is aimed at finding a representative who will be the official face of UniTrader EAD, and who will participate at the trade shows, appear on TV promoting UniTrader products and services and join the sales seminars in different parts of the world» - could not resist the offer and I took part in this competition. In the beginning it was all new to me: graphics, stocks, trading. And then my husband helped me. He told me the basics of forex trading, I began to delve into the topic, follow the stock news, currency quotes, and involve friends from other countries such as: USA, Laos, Poland.
Contest turned into an intriguing international game that dragged on all friends, for what I am grateful to the organizers. Even a month after my victory, we still discuss those hot days when every vote decided my fate in the competition. Some of the friends decided to stay in the system UniTrader and continue work with them.
"Do not lie, if you cannot make money in bed" - George Barnes. With UniTrader you can make money without leaving your home!

Miss UniTraderI live in a small town, but very often I get the chance to take part in various beauty contests. Geographical remoteness from the capital, tempting competitions, televised and the inability to participate in them - all that left in the past. Now the girls from every corner of the world where there is Internet can participate in online beauty contest "Miss UniTrader-2014."
My participation in the competition began with an invitation from the organizers. All I had to do is to find in the archives some good photos, that in profitable way can show my beauty, and spent a couple of minutes to fill out a questionnaire for participants on the web site. I seriously bent on not just to participate in online beauty contest, but to win it. My family and friends was supported me in the competition, thanks to them, I took third place and received the title of Second Vice-Miss UniTrader Grace.
"Miss UniTrader-2014" gives every girl a chance for victory in the prestigious beauty contest. But this is not just honorary title but also measurable prizes, lots of new and interesting acquaintances.Special thanks to Ksenia Rusanova and contest organizers who helped me with many questions arise during the competition. I am proud to take part in this contest!