The Trader’s contest with personal assistant «Miss UniTrader-2016» is brought to you by UniTrader, the most advanced trading platform in the world. The competition aim is to find a monthly beauty assistant who will be representing UniTrader at the tradeshows and also will be the face of the company.

What is unique about the contest is that all assistants will be able to participate in learning about the financial markets and UniTrader online trading platform. UniTrader users will participate in trading contest with beautiful assistants helping them to understand the trading software.  Traders and visitors can open demo trading accounts at the landing page of a favorite assistant. The more your demo account makes in terms of profits, the higher will be the score of your assistant. Trade prudently and help your assistant to win!!!


STEP 1 Choose your beautiful assistant from our list of contest girls

STEP 2 Download the UniTrader platform from the girl’s page

STEP 3 Open a free demo account and trade to win

The best traders will win cash prizes deposited to your real trading account and choose the best personal assistant, who will complete for the title of Miss UniTrader.
First place
Second place
Third place

UniTrader will open real accounts for top three winners. The initial prizes allocated to each account cannot be withdrawn. However, all profits above the amount of initial prizes can be withdrawn without any restrictions.

Important! One person can open ONLY one demo account on UniTrader platform!
Girls are forbidden to trade for themselves and for other girls! Please see the rules and regulations of the contest that involves number of trading accounts and IPs.


The contest «Miss UniTrader» begins on February 1, 2015 and consists of two stages:
• First stage - monthly selection, in which traders and visitors will select three winners:
- Miss UniTrader of the month
- First Vice-Miss UniTrader
- Second Vice-Miss UniTrader

At the end of November 2016, all selected 12 semifinalists, will go to the second stage of the contest. 
• The second stage - the final of Beauty Pageant for 12 semifinalists is where the contestants will complete for titles and cash prizes.
Miss UniTrader
First Vice-Miss UniTrader
Second Vice-Miss UniTrader


- Trading starts from the first day of the month and goes until the last day of the month.
- Assistant’ rating is the sum of trading and photo points.
- Trader’ rating is the sum of profit from trading.
- Points are reset every month.
- Monthly top three assistants are removed from participation for the next three months. After the blocking term of 3 months ends, their photos will be activated again.

All of the assistants are free to apply for various positions at UniTrader to join any of its 10 offices, Sofia Bulgaria, Monterrey Mexico, Moscow Russia, Dubai UAE, Cairo Egypt, Kuwait City Kuwait, Shanghai China, Zhengzhou China, Sydney Australia, Boston USA. 

Attention! Only real people with real email address can vote and trade for girls! To activate your account on the platform, please, follow the link that you got to your email.
Participation in the contest absolutely free!